The Value Reseller "Quick Start" Guide

Many clients have expressed the need to create their own account and move clients over quickly upon signup before doing the full H-Sphere configuration. Based on this feedback, we've created this "quick start" guide designed to get you up and running within 15-20 minutes so you can add your primary account and additional domains right away.

Note: this document assumes that you will not need to give out end user control panels or provide automated billing to the domains you add under your main "service" account (your company account). If you do need to provide end user control panels and online billing now then please see the full "10 Steps to Getting Started" because you will need to configure your billing system and customer hosting plans.

(If you get stuck on any of these steps please call support at 1-877-842-7124 and a support rep can walk you through it.)

Open your Welcome "New Account" email that you received from ValueReseller and click on the control panel login URL in the email to bring up the login screen.

Please BOOKMARK this URL for easy access in the future:

Login with the username and password listed in the email. This is your main Reseller control panel. Please note that your account has three control panel levels:

Reseller (where you update your information for your ValueReseller account),

Administrative (where you create and manage your customer plans and accounts)

End User (where your customers manage their accounts and website features).

When you first login you are at the "Reseller" level and the navigation items in the left hand column pertain to your ValueReseller account.

Click "login" to login to your Administrative control panel. The Administrative control panel is where you will create your hosting plans, signup and manage your accounts, customize your end user control panels, etc.

IMPORTANT: At this point you cannot create any hosting plans or domains until you first setup your DNS Zone, Instant Aliases, and Service Plan, so please continue to follow the steps below in the order given.

Create your DNS Zone and Instant Alias. Click on "E. Manager" -- "DNS Manager."

Create your DNS zone using the domain name you want to use for your primary reseller domain (or "service" domain) and nameservers.

Fill out an admin email in the following forma: Check off "Allow Creating Email Under Service Zone" and then hit Submit.

Now you will see the DNS zone has been added. Turn it ON by clicking on the red box under the "Allow Hosting" column.

Then click on the "edit" icon and select "Add Instant Alias." Enter the letter "u" (without the quotes) and hit submit.

Watch the Flash Movie For This Step.

Now click on "Server Alias" and hit the Submit button at the bottom of the page to set your server aliases. (You don't need to submit the top button unless you want to create your own custom nameservers, which can be done later).

Watch the Flash Movie For This Step.

Now click on "Info" and then "Plan Creation Wizard" and select "Unix Plan Wizard." (Note: if you need ASP or other Windows specific features for your own domain names, then select the "Windows Plan Wizard" here.)

On the page that comes up, name your plan "Service Plan" and check off "Service Domain" in the "Other Domain Resources" section (this is checked off only for this plan, which is for your reseller or "service" domain. Think of your Service Plan as your own "in-house" plan only for your own domains).

IMPORTANT: Your service domain must be fully propagated to our servers before you can offer services for other domains under your Reseller plan.

Scroll to the bottom and check off "without billing" under the "Other" section (since you don't need to bill yourself). You can leave all the other default selections "as is" on this page; they can always be edited later.

Go to the next page and input what you want to allow for disk space quotas and bandwidth for your "service" or in-house plan for your own domains. This will be for all the domains under this account in total. Here are some typical numbers:

Summary Traffic: 5GB
Disk Space: 500MB
Email Box Quota: 50MB
MySQL quota: 50MB

Select "Create Service Account." This will take a minute to create the account.

Once done, be sure to turn it ON.

Now click on "Signup" in the left hand menu and sign yourself up for that "Service" plan using the domain name you want to use for your reseller account (once that is setup you can then add additional domains under this account).


IMPORTANT: On the next to last page of the signup form you will need to check "Register Service Domain" and not any of the other selections or you will get an error.

After you signup the account, an End User Control panel will have been created. This is the control panel that you will used to manage the actual features of your website, such as mail, statistics, formmail scripts, etc.

To pull up the End User CP from your Admin CP, click on "Search" and then enter the username or domain name under the search criteria fields and hit "Submit." You can then login to the End User Control panel using the Login button on the right side of the search page (a new window will be opened).

Watch The Flash Movie For This Step.

To upload files before your domain name has propagated, you can use the server name as the hostname, ie., "," "," etc.


In order to determine which server any given domain is on, click on the "FTP/User Account" icon in your End User CP and you will see it listed on the corresponding page.

Just note that you will need to replace your domain name with "" until your domain has propagated.

IMPORTANT: there is an 8 character limit for the FTP username, so if you used a username longer than that it would have been truncated to the first 8 characters. This applies to all domains.

Update the DNS at your Registrar by giving them the following nameservers:



To add additional domains under your main service account, login to the end user control panel, click on the "Domains" icon in the Quick Access menu, and select "Add New Domain" and follow the instructions (be sure to update the DNS for any domains you are transferring once they are setup). Watch The Flash Movie For This Step.

That's it! Good luck and please submit a support ticket or call Support if you get stuck or have questions.